14 Pools You’ll Want to Dive Into Immediately

1. So geometrically satisfying

Geometric pool


2. Just the right amount of dangerous 

Dangerous pool


3. I'm picturing this pool in Italy and myself beside it with pasta

Italy pool


4. Clean and empty. Oddly satisfying.

Strangely nice pool


5. If you get tired of one pool you can literally jump to another.

Double pool


6. If Inception were a pool...

Inception pool


7. Is it getting steamy in here or is it just me?

Steamy pool


8. So fresh, so clean.

Clean pool


9. Suddenly I don't mind waking up to swim before sunrise

Sunrise pool


10. And night swimming doesn't seem so bad either.

Night pool


11. New law: Pool required on every rooftop

Rooftop pool


12. A bird's eye view makes everything look peaceful.

Bird's eye pool


13. I Moroc-can't get enough of this one.

Morocco Pool


14. I'm officially half swimmer and half aesthetic-pool-freak

Aesthetic pool

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