Would You Say "I Do" to an Underwater Wedding?

Underwater Wedding 


Underwater weddings? Yes, they are a thing.

If you've ever had a wedding, attended a wedding, or heard of a wedding, chances are it was on a beach, in a garden or in the ever-so-classic church. If you’re tired of the same old, same old, we, at Zone, have you covered. Underwater marriages are a breathtaking concept to prove how deep your love truly is! 

All over the world, underwater wedding altars are popping up, and what better way to take the big leap? You'll save money on flowers and decorations, and with options for every budget you might find that it's economically refreshing as well. Plus, you finally won't have to choose between your love for your significant other and your love for water!


The Basics

Some places demand a certification from the Professional Association of Diving Instructions (PADI): a diving membership and training organization. With a little research, you'll find that many allow an ‘Atlantis’ wedding without such a document as long as a professional diver is anchored to you throughout the ceremony. Some locations offer deals for before-the-big-day certifications as well as rehearsals!

If you've ever tried speaking underwater, you know that it’s impossible — now just imagine doing it with scuba gear on. Most couples resort to dive slates and sign language, but you can hear your partner say his or her vows using underwater helmets equipped with audio systems or face masks with communication units.

After exchanging the rings, it’s of course time for the big mouth-to-mouth. Disclaimer: while kissing with scuba masks, awkwardness and laughter may ensue!


Underwater Wedding


The Celebration

Underwater toasts with champagne or other sparkling wines are possible because the pressure inside the bottles is greater than the surrounding water. the seawater will not seep in! So just pop the cork, take a sip and pass the bottle, covering the opening with your thumb to prevent the liquid from escaping— and celebrate your officialness! Note that diving and alcohol seriously don't mix so keep it to one sip! 


The Guests

Dresses and tuxedos are allowed and make for great pictures once the vows have been proclaimed.

Unfortunately, unless you only befriend scuba divers, your guests will not be able to actually witness your nuptials. Non-divers stay onshore or on the boat as the couple and the proper number of witnesses dive in. Fret not! Many sites offer videographers for live video streaming to your family and friends on land. And if you want to keep a traditional touch, use the beach as a reception following the ceremony.



The Location

No need to break the bank and invite everybody and their mamas to the Bahamas, Bora-Bora or Bali— with many choices available in the good ol’ US of A, such as Hawaii, Florida, or if you crave even more thrill… Las Vegas! If you are located outside of the United States, ask around, and you'll happily discover many locations in your homeland.

Pro Tip: clear visibility, no currents, and preferably warm waters are needed for a smooth wedding, but, have a backup underwater area in case your Plan A doesn't allow for diving that day. It is also recommended to have a land-based backup if (Poseidon forbid!) the weather forces cancellations on all watery ends.


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