What Pump Up Song You Should Listen To, Based on Your Spirit Food

When it comes to swimming, you pretty much just need a swimsuit, a pool, and a good pump up playlist. Here are some of the best songs to get you in the mood to dive in, based on your favorite food!


1. Hamburgers

You like the classics and the classics like you. It only fits that you need a classic pump up song. The times are changing (thanks, vegans and vegetarians), so your song isn't quite as cool as it used to be. If you still think you're hot and fresh, please skip to number 8. 


2. Cheese Plates

You're kind of breaking the rules, and I dig it. You know who else threw aside the rules and lived for pleasure? The Rolling Stones. Thinking about blue cheese? Pepper jack? Brie? Enjoy them all - life's too short to say no.


3. Anything from the Cheesecake Factory

There's nothing subtle about you. And you can't say no to a good time. You take your carb loading seriously. Like all those carbs, this song will get you going so quickly that it's almost a bit dangerous!


4. Rack of Ribs

This is kind of an obvious one. How many other pump up songs are literally named after food?!?!


5. Truffle Pasta

This blog post is unbiased, but if it were biased I'd tell you that this is the best food on the list. It's everything in one dish. Pasta is good and all, but the truffle twist is a serious upgrade. Unique, funky, altogether A1. Makes me want to dance just thinking about it. I can't quite describe why, but this song somehow fits.


6. Foie Gras on Steak

Too much of a good thing? No such thing. You're boujie af and honestly why should't you be? The only thing you have to worry about in life is the fact that foie gras on steak is so good that you might not be able to stop eating and you might end up rolling on the floor with a stomach ache. (Let that run on sentence serve as proof that it's difficult to stop when it comes to foie gras on steak.) (Also, I know what you're thinking: This song would pair better with a sushi roll. I personally agree, but the experts think otherwise.)


7. Vegetarian Pizza

I see you. Keeping it clean with the vegetables yet fun with the pizza. It's restrained and it allows you to justify a few extra slices. But at the end of the day, it's really hard to get pumped up for vegetarian pizza... Sooo, this isn't really a pump up song and...


8. Hamburger with an Avocado Bun

Yeah, it's a thing. (I have to explain that to the people who aren't as hip as you.) It's cool, you're cool, everything's cool. To be perfectly honest, you secretly know it's overrated so you'll move on soon. But still, avocados and burgers. Eminem and the xx.  


9. Candy Corn

Most people don't like you, but I do. As a reward for putting up with everyone's crap all the time, I'm giving you the most underrated song in this article. I'm also giving you the music video version because Basshunter. Haters gonna hate.

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