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Custom! Because it's you.

The New York Yankees get their name, colors, and logo on their clothes. You should get your team's name on your swimsuits!

Custom swimsuits are here. And they're easy and affordable.

Our design team will do all of the design work for you. We'll start by creating complimentary designs for you. Then you'll tell us what you like and what you want to change, and we'll keep working until you love your final custom designs.

Next we'll mail you a fitting kit so your athletes can find their sizes. Your athletes will visit our website to order their gear at their convenience. Their orders will be shipped individually to their homes.

That means no more bulk orders. We're taking the w*rk out of summer, and we're adding some extra fun.

Add your name

Our swimsuits are so custom, athletes can even add their names.

How super is that?

Affordable gear

Zone swimsuits are made in the USA using fabric from Italy that is the gold standard in swimwear.

Our silicone caps are

And we're affordable. That's it.

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