custom swimsuits for teams and custom team swimsuits

All of us at Zone Swimwear are excited to be a sponsor of the Pennsylvania Swim Coaches Association.  Zone designs and manufactures custom swimwear and swim caps for teams. Basically, we're your one-stop-shop for really fun gear - and it happens to be made in America and affordable!

As a way to say hello, we’re offering custom silicone swim caps for $6.99/each to Pennsylvania teams. The custom design is, as always, complimentary!

Beyond that, we think you might really enjoy having custom gear. Why’s that?  Well, first of all, custom swimsuits help build team spirit.  It’s why every other sport has custom uniforms. Imagine if the Philadelphia Eagles’ uniforms looked like the New York Giants’.  It just wouldn’t be right!  Your team logo is a symbol of your team identity.  It makes your swimmers proud of their team spirit.  That logo ought to be part of a design that lets everybody know who you are.

That’s not the only way we’ll help you out.  One thing about getting team suits is that it can take a long time for suits to come in even if they’re not custom.  And if they’re custom it can take even longer.  

Well, that’s not how we work.  Right off the bat, every swimmer who buys a Zone custom suit gets a free practice suit.  That suit will ship to you literally the day after we get your order.  Since you’re in Pennsylvania and Zone is in Virginia, it means that normally a swimmer will get her or his practice suit within three days after they order.   The custom suits still take longer- 3 weeks- but you’re ensure that everybody will have a suit as soon as practices start.

So far I’ve given you two reasons to team up with Zone.  Here’s a third one.  We’re affordable.  Our two-packs- the combo of a practice and custom suit- cost about the same as a single suit from everybody else.  Here’s our prices:

  • Women’s two pack (thin or regular strap): $64.99.  (That’s $32.50 a suit.)
  • Jammer two pack: $54.99.  You can think of it as $27.50 a suit.  One of them being full on custom
  • Briefs two pack: $49.99.  ie $25 a suit

Three reasons down.  Here’s #4.  Quality.  Our suits are made in the USA using Italian fabric.  Both the custom and practice suits use the same materials.  The only difference between practice  and custom suits is that the practice suits are a solid black, while the custom suits have your team all over.  

Here’s one last reason to go with Zone.  One stop shopping.  You can get suits, caps and all of your spirit wear from the same place.  Your designs will be coordinated to work together perfectly.

Well, there’s five reasons to check us out.  To make it easy, we’ll do a free design for you.  That way you can get an idea of what custom suits can look like for your team.  Want to see what they look like for other teams?  Check out the gallery on our website-  

You can also talk to some of our past customers for references if you’d like.  We’d prefer you clear it with us so that our customers aren’t overwhelmed with questions.  Just ask for references; we’ll be happy to provide them.  

You can call me anytime, as well.  703-283-4433.  

That really is all for today.  Six great reasons to work with Zone this swim season.  We really hope to have the chance to provide suits for you.  Regardless, we’re all in for Pennsylvania swimming, and hope you have an awesome season!  


Jim Wingo