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There are two ways to create your custom gear:

  1. You give us your design. Some teams like to let their swimmers come up with designs!
  2. You give us your team name, mascot, colors, and other pointers, and allow us to create a totally custom design for your team. We will send you a design and work with you until you are excited about the final look. We coordinate all the pieces (suits, caps, spiritwear) with your design for a unified look. For a limited time, custom designs are free!

Once you’re happy, we will create the suits, caps, and spiritwear, and bring everything to you on fitting day.  This is when swimmers will be able to purchase items individually.

Of course, first you will start by talking to a rep! Contact us today to learn more.



A representative will get in contact with you to talk about designs, a timeline, and our competitive pricing. 

Remember that designs are free for a limited time! Talk to us today so you don’t miss out!

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Zone is excited to be launching an exciting full line of custom spiritwear items soon. Check back in September for more information!