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Do you love fun facts as much as we do? We like fun facts a whole lot, so it's pretty unlikely. But if you like fun facts almost as much as us, you'll love our favorite fun facts about swimming!

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Houdini’s Water Torture Cell: Explained!

There is a rule among magicians never to reveal how a trick is done. David Copperfield has even been reputed to call it a breach of protocol… Fortunately for our curious readers, we are not magicians, so these rules definitely do not apply to us. So, we present to you… Harry Houdini’s Water Torture Cell: Explained!

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Benjamin Franklin: Founding Swimmer?

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin - inventor extraordinaire, founding father dubbed “The First American,” and all around renaissance man - had an avid passion for swimming? Quite frankly, we think it only makes sense that such a genius would share our love the sport.

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