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Benjamin Franklin: Founding Swimmer?

  Did you know that Benjamin Franklin - inventor extraordinaire, founding father dubbed “The First American,” and all around renaissance man - had an avid passion for swimming? Quite frankly, we think it only makes sense that such a genius would share our love the sport.    …Where It All Began Let's start with a fun fact: Ben Franklin was so into the sport that his first documented invention was swim fins! Oh, and did we mention that he was just 11 years old? He tells of this in a March 1773 letter to Jacques Barbeu-Dubourg, his French disciple, “I made two oval palettes, each about ten inches long, and six broad, with a hole for the thumb, in order to retain it...

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Monday Motivation: The Laughing Heart

It's that time again: Monday. It comes every week and yet, it still manages to catch many of us by surprise. At Zone we understand, people who are chipper on Mondays can be annoying. But, life is too short to be bitter, so we're here to give you that good good Monday Motivation to kickstart your week ahead.

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